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Other Arts at St. Stephen's

Artists in Residence

St. Stephen's has a large number of parishioners who are professional artists. Every month, the Artists-in-Residence: AIR program (media artists),
under the direction of Ginny Doyle, displays the work of one of these artists. Past artists include
Robert Koen Photography (see photo above),
Cecelia Alighieri, Annelies Atchley, Alberta Buller Brown (Wild Rose Photography), Jean Cromwell, Virginia Knepper Doyle, Gabby Duran, Bethany Eden, Roger Felton,
Pablo Gaito, Ruth Grant, Joyce Griffin, Christian Guichard, Stuart Hartley, Julia James, Jocelyn Knight, Rob Koen, Sarah Lowry, Joyce Martin, Gareth, Sarah & Regan Moore, Leela Pratt, Melissa Prentis, Cornelia Wattley, Sarah Lowry, Christopher and Nicole Peters, Bill Post, Leela Pratt, Roger Felton, Jane Martin, Reid and Andrew Sams, Tom Sennett,
Helen Sandeman, Jackson Sung, Neela Wattley, Joan White, Shari Young, and Camp Create Artists.

Stay tuned for more information or contact the office to find out how to participate at

Camp Create
For more information on this camp go to the Camps Page by clicking here.

Camp is cancelled for 2020.

Art Angels Fair

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