Finding ways to connect meaningfully with God and each other.


Finding ways to connect meaningfully with God and each other.


Opportunities and milestones within the Episcopal church.


Offering prayers and support throughout good times and in times of need.


Guided and enlightening group gatherings as followers of Christ.


Spiritual growth is endless: there is no limit to building your relationship with God. As a community, we offer several ways to deepen your connection with the Lord and provide support for members of St Stephen’s.

Church + Family

Everyone is welcome at St Stephen’s. You will notice we do not have a “Family Service” because every service welcomes families. For our youngest parishioners, we provide Soft Spot Bags with crayons, a children’s lesson to color, and a clipboard with paper. Children may attend Sunday School during the 10:00 AM service and join the congregation after the Creed to attend communion.


A valued rite of passage for young parishioners who wish to confirm their baptism. Those who wish to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church must attend 8–10 classes before Confirmation at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Next class sessions will begin Spring 2022.


People of all ages who wish to become a member of our congregation may be baptized. To prepare, participants will meet with a priest for instruction about the Christian faith, the history of the church in general, and the Episcopal Church.

Sacred Bound

The Episcopal Church’s film and book-based Anti-Racism Program raises awareness about racism in church and society. St Stephen’s Church started Sacred Bound Dialogue Circles as a local way to join with the over 5,000 participants across the church. The next Sacred Bound Dialogue is scheduled to start in the summer of 2021. Participants will meet for 10 sessions to discuss selected materials and be part of a larger conversation as they seek to align their perspectives and choices with anti-racist thinking, attitudes, and action.

Stream Team

Students in high school can be a part of the Stream Team: a video group that streams, edits, and develops content with the vestry working groups to bring the church’s services online. This volunteer opportunity helps communicate the vital information about the parish to members of the parish community.


We are here for you. The Prayer Team is in regular contact with and provides continual prayer for the parish, community, and more. Whether you would like to receive prayers for yourself, others, or a situation in the world, we welcome prayer requests. Our Soul Team provides additional care and assistance to those who need it. Our Earth + Altar ministry cares for our garden and provides nourishment to the underserved.

Prayer + Healing Ministry

Our Prayer + Healing Ministry pray for those who request prayers for themselves, others, or a situation in the world. At live Sunday Services, the Healing Team gathers at the Votive Shrine to the Blessed Mother to offer prayers and the laying on of hands for healing.

If you would like your intercessions to be added to the Prayer List, please contact the Venerable Dorothy Jones.

Prayer Request + Light a Candle

Votive candles that burn at the Votive Shrine to the Blessed Mother represent prayer requests that people make for themselves, someone else, or a situation in the world. If you would like to light a candle, please contact the office. We will light a candle and send a picture if you cannot attend the church in person.

Soul Team

The Soul Team provides additional support services to members of our St Stephen’s community, such as meals, cards, tokens of care and appreciation, rides to the doctor, groceries, prescription deliveries, and more.

Earth + Altar Garden

Connect with the earth and each other as we till the soil, plant the seeds, and tend to the year-round garden. Produce is donated to local food pantries at Ritter House and in Marin City. All members are welcome and encouraged to participate.


Guided group gatherings allow us to bond over shared interests while we explore the world around us, the Word of God in front of us, and the light of the Lord within us. Everyone is welcome. Learn more about these groups and how to join.

Please note: Due to current events, many groups are on hold or over Zoom. We look forward to resuming in-person gatherings as soon as health and safety guidelines allow.

Yak Club

Status: Active

Local kayaking adventures on Richardson Bay or the Belvedere Lagoon.

Contact: christoph_porter [at]

Book Club

Status: Active via Zoom only

Join in the planning of Bible Studies and ways to grow your faith throughout the year.

Contact: kbelgum [at]

Walk on Water

Status: Active

Enjoy meaningful conversation on a nature-filled walk or hike and/or pastoral visit with Fr. Ellsworth.

Contact: Fr.ellsworth [at]

Knitting & Crocheting Group


Status: Active

Meets every second and fourth Monday at 10:30 AM. Open to all skill levels and those interested in learning.

Contact: barbara.c.garciaromero [at]



Status: On hold

Seniors meet regularly for fellowship, a luncheon, and programs of interest.

Contact: Lois at 435-1780 or Zoila at dicknzoila [at]

Explorers Group

Status: On hold

Formerly the Outdoor Club. Meets every first Wednesday of the month for a morning hike or adventure.

Contact: lizhart [at]

Stream Team

Status: Active

Be a part of the video streaming team that brings the church’s services online. A fun and fast-growing opportunity for high school students!

Contact: streamteam [at]

Film Group

Status: On hold

Meets every other Wednesday at 4:00 PM to discuss a specific assigned film.

Contact: donaldwsung [at]

Immersion Experiences

Status: On hold

Confirmed high school youth participate in a weeklong work camp in Taos, New Mexico. Currently planning for 2022.

Contact: Fr.ellsworth [at]

Union of Black Episcopalians

Status: Active via Zoom

Contact: dinwidd [at] or call (510) 531-3355

Coffee Connections

Status: Active live following the 10:00 AM Sunday Service.

Get to know other members of St Stephen’s and help serve coffee after church two or three times a year.

Contact: ladyhp [at]

Sacred Bound

Status: Active

Participants meet for 10 sessions to learn about and align their perspectives and choices with anti-racist thinking, attitudes, and action.
Two and Three-session series are currently offered throughout the year.
Please check the calendar for current information and connectivity.

Contact: Office [at]



Status: Active

A brief course in Christianity—the original small group experience. Rediscover your faith in Christ. Learn more at

Social & Social Service Groups, Bible Groups

Student Ministry Small Group Gatherings

Status: On hold

High school students are invited to gather with the clergy for pizza, time as a group, and for scripture study. Meetings every Thursday from 6:00–7:15 PM.

Social Committee

Status: On hold

We are looking for someone to chair and organize special events for St Stephen’s parishioners.

Contact: office [at]

St Stephen’s Gives Back

St Vincent’s Meal Ministry

Status: Active

Sandwiches and other brown bag lunch items are prepared and delivered to the underserved.

Contact: pam [at]

Grab ‘n Go Food Ministry

Status: Active

Brown bag lunches are prepared and delivered to Sausalito anchor-outs. More information about The Open Door Ministries at

Contact: RLSchaper [at]

Hot Meals for the Homeless at Homeward Bound Mill Street Center

Status: On hold

Dinner for 50 people is provided on the second Thursday of each month to the residents of Homeward Bound’s Mill Street Center.

Contact: pam [at]

Hot Meals for the Homeless at Westminster Presbyterian

Status: On hold

Meets at 11:30 AM on the first and fourth Thursday of each month at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Tiburon to prepare and serve lunch.

Contact: pam [at]

ExTraFood Ministry

Status: On hold

Every Tuesday, leftover bakery goods are collected from premiere bakeries in Marin for sorting and distribution for homeless meals at Westminster, Mill Street, and REST dinners.

Contact: pam [at]

Tiburon Thrift Shop

Status: On hold

Volunteers work one 3-hour shift per month on Thursdays from 10:00 AM–1:00 PM or 1:00 PM–4:00 PM. Proceeds are shared with other local churches.

Contact: jhenerlau [at] or jacjzc [at]

St Stephen’s Gives Thanks

Status: On hold

Thanksgiving November food collection for local homeless service centers.

Contact: TBA

Raingear Collection

Status: On hold

Ponchos and socks are collected and distributed to the homeless every November.

Contact: TBA

Honduras Project – Siempre Unidos

Status: Active

Helping three clinics in Honduras that offer lifesaving education and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS. More information at

The Giving Tree

Status: On hold

Placed in the lobby of Kimball Hall during the Advent season, a giving tree holds gift tags for impoverished children to match with an age-appropriate gift donated by those who wish to participate.

Contact: office [at]

Celebrating Through Liturgy, Music, & the Arts

Art Angels Festival

Status: On hold

A 1-day art outreach fundraiser festival featuring local artists, a concert, and gala party. Held every other year in support of St Stephen’s ministries. Learn more at

Contact: TBA

Artists-in-Residence Crafts, Media, and Holiday Fare

Status: On hold

Parishioners exhibit their art in Kimball Hall for a month and/or participate in the Holiday Faire that occurs opposite Art Angels years.

Contact: vdoyleandjdoyle [at]

St Stephen’s Acolytes

Status: On hold

Youth (grades 3 and up) and adults can serve as a part of St Stephen’s ministry as torch bearers and crucifers.

Contact: office [at]

Altar Guild

Status: Active

A team of dedicated volunteers care for all the implements used for worship, including preparation of the altar, the caretaking of the sanctuary, vestments, floral arrangements, and more. We are currently six members shy of the number needed to fulfill these tasks. Please email Barbara Berling if you feel called to serve in this way.

Contact: berling11 [at]

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Status: Active 

This group serves the bread and wine at Sunday services, as well as performs home visits for the ill and shut-ins in the parish.

Contact: office [at] to volunteer and for home Eucharists.

Lay Readers

Status: Active

Lay readers read the Scripture lessons in Sunday worship. For current readings, visit

Contact: Diana Long |  dilong [at]

Ushers + Greeters

Status: Active

With smiling faces and warm service, members of our frontline Welcome Ministry greet worshippers as they enter and exit the church, as well as remain on hand during the service to assist members and guests. Ushers serve approximately once a month at any of the Sunday services (schedules are flexible). Open to adults, teens, and children.

Contact: Chris Porter |  christoph_porter [at]

Healing Ministry

Status: On hold

Blessings for those in need of healing at the Votive Shrine of the Blessed Mother every Sunday during Communion. Note: The hands-on healing is currently on hold, but the group continues to pray for those who request healing.

Contact: dicknzoila [at]


Status: Active

Offer the prayers of the people during the weekly 10:00 AM Eucharist.

Contact: Diana Long  |  dilong [at] 



Status: Active

The Adult Choir sings weekly at the 10:00 AM Eucharist.

Contact: Jonathan Dimmock  | Jonathan [at]
Rehearsals are Wednesday nights


Sunday School and Summer Sundays

Status: Active

Join the Sunday School team of teachers!

Contact: office [at]

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