God is good. We sing to the Lord and celebrate His works.


God is good. We sing to the Lord and celebrate His works.


Composed of about 20 volunteers and a quartet of section leaders, St Stephen’s choir assembles every Sunday and fills our parish with traditional hymns and contemporary selections. St Stephen’s has an adult worship choir, and is rebuilding a children’s worship choir. St Stephen’s choir sings with St Stephen’s children’s choir during the Eucharist on the second Sunday of each month. 

In addition to Sunday service, the St Stephen’s Choir is involved with other performances and services throughout the year. Our Choir Christmas Concert is a much-anticipated performance every year and helps fund the St Stephen’s music ministry.



The American Bach Soloists were founded at St Stephen’s in 1989 and are well-known throughout the area. 

Known as our “Artists-in-Residence,” the American Bach Soloists have recorded several CDs at St Stephen’s and frequently use our church as a venue space because of the acoustical quality of our halls.

Co-founder and Music Director Jeffrey Thomas leads the American Bach Soloists as they bring the music of the Baroque, Classical, and Early Romantic eras to life. Internationally recognized as one of the leading experts of Baroque music and Bach’s works, Thomas and the ABS successfully captivate audiences of all ages.

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